What Are They Smokin’?: Ricky Williams Starts His Own Cannabis Wellness Brand

Ricky Williams (RW) Cannabis Wellness

Ricky Williams is back in the cannabis industry.

The 1998 Heisman Trophy winner is one of the most famous marijuana-smoking athletes ever.  As a football player, the former Texas star running back was one of the first athletes to realize the benefits that cannabis can have on athletes. Even at the expense of his football career, Williams used cannabis despite it being illegal in the NFL.

And now Williams is capitalizing on one of his favorite pastimes by launching Real Wellness by Ricky Williams (RW), a marijuana-based wellness brand created for the health-conscious cannabis consumer.

At its launch, RW offers six wellness products that Williams helped to formulate himself. The entire product line allows users to utilize cannabis’ positive effects of cannabis in a more controlled way.

“It’s a dream come true for me to merge my passion for healing and my fascination with plant medicines with my entrepreneurial spirit,” said Williams, via NBC7 San Diego. “Cannabis has played an important part in my healing journey, and I feel a responsibility to share what I have learned in the process.”

Williams’ entrepreneurial spirit also includes the first-ever marijuana-friendly gym, Power Plant Fitness.

The former Dolphins running back believes that RW’s products are unique because he’s “being a pioneer in this space, adding medicinal herbs to treat specific medical issues.”

Williams, who was suspended by the NFL for more than a year during his prime, has dedicated his life to being a “holistic healer” since he ultimately retired from the NFL.

The former Dolphins running back is also “in the process of getting his Ph.D. in Chinese medicine,” according to NBC.

“In 2004 I retired from NFL and failed a drug test, and the story became ‘Ricky Williams deserts team and went to smoke pot.’ That’s part of the story, but there’s more to it,” Williams added. “When I left I started to train as a healer, I started to study and learn about herbs, so it dawned on me cannabis is an herb and these are other herbs so I started playing with herbs and creating formulas to help myself and family and friends.”

“The most exciting part for me is the story that at one point people thought it was one thing but I’ve pushed through, educated myself, gained knowledge and wisdom and have now offered something to my community,” Williams said.

Despite how you feel of Williams as a football player, his work as a dedicated holistic healer has been admirable, especially in the wake of the NFL’s ongoing concussion problems.

The RW product line is available at dispensaries today.

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