Rosin On The Rise: The Birth of a New Concentrate

Concentrates have been aggressively rising in popularity lately, especially with the growing acceptance of cannabis across the US, and recreational markets flourishing. For a lot of people, dabs seem a bit hardcore, and questions of how they are made and what potential toxins are present has many people rightfully concerned. Considering that the most popular method of making waxes, shatters and oils is via butane, propane and alcohol, it’s an understandable worry.

With all our modern technology, rosin took the weed community by surprise. Just when we thought we had the best tools to create the most high-end products, someone simply squeezed a bud with a flat iron, and rosin was born. That’s right, someone took a bud, placed it between some parchment paper and squeezed it…and out came a beautiful, solventless oil, ready to dab. After years of playing with explosive gases, endless hours with bubble bags and dry sifters, and years of scraping out the kief collector on your grinder, there’s been a far easier way all along.

Using the varying ratios of time, heat and pressure, people have developed an entirely new category of concentrates with varying textures, potencies, colors and most exciting of all, flavors. Of course, pressing has now branched well beyond the flat iron method, to specialty compressors and hydraulic presses. The beauty of the final product is that you know there aren’t any residual solvents or heavy metals left by the process, yet you still preserve the full, natural flavors of the original product.

If you haven’t tried a concentrate before and are a little wary, rosin is a great place to start, as it is often a softer smoother smoke that’s slightly lower in potency, giving it a more fully-rounded high, similar to the feeling you get after smoking flower. It shouldn’t be an intense experience. Just as you don’t drink whiskey like you drink beer, you should start with the tiniest amount of rosin. Remember, you can always take more later.

Most importantly, smoke in an environment that makes you happy and comfortable, and you’ll have a wonderful, rosin-fueled ride.


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