#ScoutedByDOPE: Travel Aids

Six Must-Haves on Your Next Global Adventure

Rose Botanicals Organic Hemp CBD Oil

After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, Sheri Yanez turned to CBD when traditional Western medicine had failed her. Now, Yanez proudly owns her own CBD company, Rose Botanicals based in Santa Clarita, and is the proud mom of two beautiful daughters. This pocket-sized THC-free dropper is one liquid ounce, so it can be transported in your carry-on or checked bag with ease. Many credit CBD with reducing pain, insomnia and anxiety … the side effects often associated with long bouts of travel. Next time you’re packing your toiletry bag, don’t forget Rose Botanicals. Happy flying!

Scouted By DOPE July

Website: rosebotanicalsinc.com | Instagram: @rosebotanicals | Facebook: @RoseBotanicals

Price: $49.99 | 500mg CBD


“The Essential Cannabis Journal – Personal Notes from the Field”

This journal designed for those curious about healing through cannabis or recreational use is a lightweight 95-page book by Rob Mejia (founder of Our Community Harvest), which includes sections ideal for the cannabis curious traveler. Want to track the strains you try while touring a new land and their effects? How about monitoring how long an edible took to kick in? Need tips for dealing with an uncomfortable high? This book has it all. Plus, it’s small enough to be folded up and shoved into your back pocket, so if you’re traveling to a legal state or a country known for its cannabis culture be sure to stuff this puppy into your carry-on. It’ll act as a great storytelling aid once you’re back home!

Scouted By DOPE July

Author: Rob Mejia | Website: communityharvest.com | springhousepress.com

Price: $12.95

“How High Am I? – A Journal”

Less scientific and more playful, this tiny hardback will act as a memory companion on your next adventure. Each page serves as an entry for your cannabis adventure. With prompts like, “Genius idea?” and “What am I Eating,” and plenty of room for daily doodles, this miniature travel partner will let you make the most of your next trip — literally and figuratively.

Scouted By DOPE July

Publisher: Chronicle Books, San Francisco | Website: chroniclebooks.com | Instagram: @chroniclebooks | Facebook: @ChronichleBooks

Price: $9.95

Cannabis Passport Rolling Papers & Filters

Featuring 100 hemp papers and soy-printed filters, this mini “passport” will make for a great conversation piece on your travels abroad. The filters themselves feature quotes and headshots from global cannabis activists, anti-prohibition leaders and non-profits like the ACLU. One personal favorite: “When I was a kid, I inhaled, frequently. That was the point.” – Barack Obama

Scouted By DOPE July

Website: cannabispassport.ca | Instagram: @cannabispassport | Facebook: @passportmagazine420 | Twitter: @cannapassport

Price: $4.20


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