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Southern Oregon Mountain Ranges Create Cannabis Perfection


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Shadowbox Farms – Applegate Valley, OR

Troy Robison, general manager of Shadowbox Farms, has a passion for the cannabis plant and is known for producing high-quality, dense and sticky, trichome-crusted buds. A true farmer, he who understands the intricacies and hazards of farming and has a deep respect for the art. “I’m not claiming to be the best; I’m a farmer. It’s all a numbers game, and I say that every season,” he relates. “That’s farming.” Robison’s awareness of farming as a lifestyle, as well as his dedication to growing stellar cannabis, comes together at Shadowbox Farms and benefits the plants and the folks who work for the garden, as well as the community.

Shadowbox Farms - Applegate Valley, OR

The Farm

Shadowbox Farms is located on 32 acres in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley. Nestled amongst the wild forestland are Tier I and Tier II indoor and outdoor grows. The farm was established in 2016 when the recreational market opened up and has gone through some transitions before arriving at the place it is now, as both a sun-grown cannabis farm and an indoor light deprivation farm. Utilizing both ways of farming means a constant turnover of plants and consistent levels of product output. The cultivation of cannabis at Shadowbox Farms is organic and free of pesticides, pollutants and heavy metals. Robison’s attention to his plants is evident by how he talks about them. “We’re on the plants’ schedule; they’re not on ours. They eat, sleep and breathe as we do,” he says.

Shadowbox Farms - Applegate Valley, ORThe Product

A few of the strains produced by Shadowbox are Pennywise, a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper; I hope it is in no way connected to Stephen King’s “IT”. Pennywise is a 1:1 strain, for those wanting a mellow relaxing high. A CBD strain, Remedy is a cross between Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk with traces of THC, making it a common choice for those wanting the relief of cannabis without the cannabis high. Blue Magoo — a fun one to say — is a tasty and aromatic indica strain. Along with their amazing flower, Shadowbox is rolling out a new line of THC capsules as well as a new disposable vape pen called the GoCart. Vertical integration is alive and well, I can’t wait to try both new products myself!

Shadowbox Farms - Applegate Valley, OR

“We’re on the plants’ schedule; they’re not on ours. They eat, sleep and breathe as we do.”

— Troy Robison, Shadowbox Farms’ General Manager