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Ask any skateboarder if they’ve ever had painful injuries, and the answer is going to be an emphatic “DUH!” Matt Miller is no different. For over 10 years, Matt has been skateboarding professionally; now in his thirties, the pain of falling down from mastering a trick has caught up with him. Luckily, thanks to a life-long good friend turned business partner, Miller is healing his injuries with CBD.

Enduring bruising, inflammation and fractures on a weekly basis, Miller needed a stronger product that he couldn’t find on the market. “After seeing me fall for years, a life-long friend asked if I [had] ever tried CBD. I told her I heard of it, but never tried it. She gave me some low-dose CBD and I could see that it helped, I just needed a stronger dose; and not just for me but for athletes and those who need a higher strength product for it to be effective.” With the guidance and support of a life-long friend, Miller Healer was born.


“After seeing me fall for years a life-long friend asked if I ever tried CBD. I told her I heard of it, but never tried it.”

– Matt Miller

Based in Southern California, the Miller Healer product line consists of the standard tinctures and gummies, but what makes Miller Healer stand out are their sports salve and topical patches. Miller Healer uses a local CBD supplier that produces both full-spectrum and isolate products. Before their recent re-launch, the Miller Healer team did an extensive five-month R&D campaign resulting in the creation of proprietary blends to ensure the potency and consistency that Miller was looking for.

“The products are even better now than they were before,” a chill and proud Miller explains. “Now we’re just taking the products and going everywhere.”

Miller Healer Products
Courtesy of Miller Healer

With a focus on the medical uses of CBD, Miller Healer has been reaching out to the epilepsy community. “We recently did an Epilepsy Awareness Day. Really, our goal is to educate and get products to those that need them most. We have a medical nurse on our staff that helps with dosage and combining [CBD] with other [medications].” An education that is much needed in the current cannabis industry.

If anyone famous should be entering the cannabis industry, it should be those that helped fight to get to where we are today … this is inclusive of professional athletes like Miller. From strains and sprains to broken bones and concussions, being an athlete comes with major trauma — trauma that Miller Healer products can assist with.

Shwa Laytart

A California native, Joshua "Shwa" Laytart has been working in the Natural Products Industry for almost twenty years and a cannabis grower and indulger for almost thirty. He was the first employee at Guayaki tea company and then went on to work for 12 years at INDIGENOUS, an organic and fair trade fashion designer. Shwa has also worked as a landscaper, manicurist, masseur, candy maker, chef and ran with the circus. He is currently the Co-Founder and President of the cannabis company, Giggle Therapeutics, alongside his Co-Founder and CEO wife Sugar, who is a DOPE photographer, as well. His love for activism, art, altered states, comedy, cannabis and cuisine can be found threaded throughout his writings. He considers himself more of a storyteller, than a writer and can spin a tale for hours with the right combination of substances.

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