Skywalker OG: “Releaf” is in a Galaxy Not So Far Away


  • Test Results: : 85.39% THC | 6.03% CBD
  • Tested By: Desert Valley Testing |
  • Facebook: @Curaleafaz
  • Instagram: @curaleaf.usa
  • Twitter: @Curaleafaz
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Skywalker OG by Curaleaf

After a long day of fighting the dark side, I find I’m stressed and am having difficulty sleeping. So, I reach for my glittering Skywalker OG cartridge (Skywalker x OG Kush) from Curaleaf and take a few long drags, filling my lungs with a creamy plume of vapor tasting of sweet jet fuel and familiar piney kush.

Immediately I can feel my stress and anxiety vaporize as heavy waves of euphoria blast through my body, starting behind my eyes, moving quickly to my arms, legs and chest. The tense grip on my muscles is released as my neck and shoulder pain fade into a black void, replaced by a sensation of bliss and belonging. I sink deeper into the couch, and a guilt-free grin spreads across my face. Before long, I feel myself drifting into deep space, and I wake in the morning feeling ready for whatever the galaxy brings my way.

Skywalker OG by Curaleaf

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