SolDaze Mango Bites: Tasty Treats from Compassionate Company


  • Test Results: 10mg THC per candy | 100mg THC per bag
  • Tested by: Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs |
  • Instagram: @soldazesnacks
  • Website:

Tropical Mango Fruit Bites by SolDaze Snacks

One taste of SolDaze Snacks’ Tropical Mango Fruit Bites and it becomes clear these are quite distinct from your typical edible. Unlike other sugary sweets, this all-natural edible has very little sugar and no preservatives or fillers. These bites taste like a healthier version of fruit roll-ups, and if no one had told me these were cannabis infused I would have never known! I bravely ate four bites in one sitting, and within an hour felt the soothing, relaxing effects of the THC, as well as some laughing fits accompanied by euphoria.

The fruit used in SolDaze products are grown and harvested in certified organic farms throughout Mexico, and the company prides itself in giving back to their farm workers, many of whom are single women. SolDaze donates two percent of all proceeds to help with health care for the workers and their families, as well as to improve living conditions in communities where the farms operate.

Tropical Mango Fruit Bites by SolDaze Snacks

Available At…

  1. The Westwood Farmacy: 1035 Gayley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024
  2. The Reefinery: 14901 Oxnard St., Van Nuys, CA 91411
  3. From the Earth: 3023 S Orange Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92707