Solid Bronze: “Swangin’” Music Video

The Power of Parliament lives on in New Jersey

New Jersey duo Solid Bronze pay loving homage to the deepest of 70’s grooves in the video “Swangin’” taken from their album “The Fruit Basket,” streaming below.  The instrumental song perfectly captures the feel and tone of peak Parliament Funkadelic, and not just because it features guitarist Michael Kidd Funkadelic Hampton on guitar.

That Solid Bronze so effortlessly embodies the power of yesteryear’s rhythm has something to do with the way they write songs. Multi-instrumentalist Ian Everett and drummer George Miller build their songs first as a rock-solid bed of bass and drums before adding elements on top. It’s a successful recipe on every piece of “The Fruit Basket.”

Here’s what Everett had to say about the record. “We were interested in making something that wouldn’t exactly act as a music video but more like a commercial. This version of the song is edited a bit from what’s on the album in an attempt to not only make it more concise but to exist as its own piece. Spent two afternoons driving around town with our friends and jumping out of the car to shoot when we saw spots we liked, old fashioned fun.”

Of course, all the groove in the world doesn’t mean shit if it doesn’t sound great coming through your system. To that end, Everett and Miller tapped Ween alumni Mickey Melchiondo to record “The Fruit Basket.” Melchiondo isn’t the only Ween collaborator to appear on the record’s extensive guest list alongside Hampton, either.

Solid Bronze Album Cover

But guest stars don’t make a great record. Songs do, and Solid Bronze have those in spades. Here’s to them reaching for silver or gold on future records!

But “The Fruit Basket” from Schnitzel records here.

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