A New Beginning for Solis Tek

Leading Digital Lighting Innovator Expands Operations and Rebrands as Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha

For years, top cannabis growers relied on Solis Tek Digital Lighting solutions to increase yield and lower costs. After nearly a decade of bringing ingenious products and systems to individual and commercial cannabis growers across America, the vertically integrated innovator, developer, manufacturer and distributor is expanding its offerings and rebranding under its new parent company, Generation Alpha (OTCQB: GNAL).

“We know what it takes for a cannabis business to operate smoothly and successfully at all levels,” said Tiffany Davis, Chief Operating Officer of Generation Alpha. “We are proud to expand our services and products beyond lighting and agricultural solutions, into cultivation, manufacturing and retail.”

Generation Alpha, Inc., originally established in 2010 as Solis Tek, is the holding company for a collection of businesses that focus on bringing products and solutions to legal commercial cannabis operators. Utilizing the deep expertise of its leadership, the company offers safe, quality and consistent products through its cultivation, processing, retail facilities and branded products in both the medical and recreational markets.

Ms. Davis said the rebranding is a reflection of the company’s evolving mission. The new name represents Generation Alpha’s philosophy of bringing the best cannabis products and services to the market. It’s also a nod to the company embracing new methods for communication with customers.

Generation Alpha Solis Tek GrowPro State

“Our new logos are cleaner and energetic, which reflects our culture and mission,” Davis explained. “And the name Generation Alpha for us means ‘New Beginning!’ It is a new wave of how people connect with our brands.”

Along with its new branding and division logos, Generation Alpha has launched a redesigned, easy-to-navigate website with a convenient e-commerce feature to facilitate online purchasing.

“By opening our core business systems up to direct interaction with customers and suppliers, we’re charting a new era of communication in our company,” Davis said.

As the company expands, Davis wanted to reassure customers that Generation Alpha remains dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services nationwide to individual and commercial growers, retailers and distributors in current and emerging markets.

She said cultivators can rest assured that Generation Alpha will continue delivering the outstanding lighting and agricultural solutions Solis Tek is renowned for, and customers won’t experience any product-quality changes or service interruptions as the company grows.

“As we expand our family of offerings, we are committed to continue developing and providing innovative products and services in both Solis Tek Digital Lighting, our lighting division, and Zelda Horticulture, our agricultural products division. It’s truly a new beginning.”