Baked Bros Sour Bears

300mg of Gummy Goodness


  • Test Results: 300mg THC per bag | 21.8mg THC per bear
  • Tested By: Delta Verde Laboratory |
  • Facebook: @bakedbrosthc
  • Instagram: @bakedbrosaz | @bakedbros_edibles
  • Twitter: @bakedbros_
  • Website:

Sour Bears 300mg by Baked Bros

I open my bag of 300mg Baked Bros Sour Bears — hand-infused with top quality Granddaddy Purple hash oil — and pour the bouncy morsels on my table. I pluck two bears from the pile, each dosed with 20mg of THC and pop them in my mouth. The soft, sugary-sour gummies flex with an appealing texture, tasting of lime and cherry accented by a hint of flowery cannabis.

About 45 minutes lapse before I begin to feel a fuzzy tingle blooming inside my mind. The warm sensation blossoms, spreading through my body, pouring into my muscles. Sweet and sour relief rushes into my tangled tendons, replacing the pain with relaxation.

The cerebral effects kick in as a blissful euphoria pulls me close in a comforting bear hug. The flow of my sporadic thought process slows down to a tranquil trickle of creative concepts and carefree concerns. I feel completely at ease and ready to take on whatever comes my way – as long as I can take care of it from the couch.

Available At…

Nirvana Center Dispensary – Phoenix: 2 N 35TH Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85009

TruMed Dispensary: 1613 N 40 St., Phoenix, AZ 85008

All Greens Dispensary: 10032 W Bell Rd #100, Sun City, AZ 85351

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