Sous Vide Cannabutter: Vacuum-Sealed to Perfection!

Sous Vide Cannabutter

Do you want to prepare canna-butter that’s odor-free and consistent every time? Does your food fantasy life include steak and chicken cooked to absolute perfection? Do you love a crusty sear on your medium rare burger? If you answered yes, you need to get your hands on a sous vide machine.

Sous vide cooking immerses vacuum-sealed food in a circulating water bath that maintains your desired temperature; this method allows the product to be perfect on the inside while not overcooking the outside. It’s not quick, but it’s easy—and it works every time.

Making canna-butter or canna-oil in this manner allows you to set the temp, fill your bag with butter and cannabis, seal and let the magic begin. Set the temp and slide the vacuum-sealed bag into the heated water; the butter or oil will warm and absorb all the precious cannabinoids and terpenes. If you find that the filled bag floats, attach a clip to the bottom of the bag to hold it down in the water. Alternatively, melt the butter first—it will no longer float.

Sous vide machine prices vary, and there are a few types to choose from. I have plenty of counter space and set up the Tribest Sousvant as a permanent fixture, but I have also used the Anova and Joule machines, which are both about the size of an immersion blender.


16 ounces butter, melted

1 ounce cannabis, decarboxylated


  1. Set the temperature for the sous vide machine to 185°F.
  2. Place the butter and the cannabis in a vacuum-seal bag (or double Ziploc bag). Submerge in the heated liquid for three hours. Remove and allow to cool briefly before straining. Keep in the fridge.

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