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There’s No “I” in Team


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Sugarleaf Farm – Sedro-Woolley, WA

Located in a small, unassuming business park in Sedro-Woolley, Sugarleaf Farm is a Tier III producer operating a small-but-effective team in a two-story tower style grow. A room that houses their mothers, a few vegging tables and small section for clones as well as R&D is situated on the ground level, while in front of the pre-flower room, a gigantic system of reservoirs and tubing feeds nutrient-rich water to the ground level as well as the upper level entirely used for flowering plants. I was interested in their use of CDL technology in their open grow; head grower Kyle Stamback shared that Sugarleaf is moving away from LEDs altogether and implementing a new lighting system comprised of 315 watt CDLs moving forward. 

Sugarleaf Farm - Sedro-Woolley, WAThe People

Sugarleaf operates with a tight crew of 11 people — four growers, five processors, one brand ambassador and self-proclaimed “Task Master,” Travis Royce, the team’s GM. Royce told me; “I preach the whole family mentality. ‘Team’ is used as somewhat of a crutch word, and with family, it’s more meaningful to deal with each other.” Whether the grow team or the processing team, the group functions harmoniously as a whole, Royce shares. One benefit of this family type of mentality is the low turnover of employment Sugarleaf has experienced — something that Royce attributes to the success of the grow and the “family over team” mentality.

Sugarleaf Farm - Sedro-Woolley, WAThe Product

With a 15-strain menu and staples like Miracle Alien Cookies, XJ-13 and their best sellers White99 and Huckleberry Soda #4, Sugarleaf also runs popular exotic strains like Jungle Mints and a personal favorite of mine, Chunk Dawg. Hand trimming, hand inspection and hand packaging are part of what lends to Sugarleaf’s aim at “Cannabis Perfected.” Be on the lookout for their new concentrates processed by Trichome Extracts in consistencies ranging from crumble to live resin.

“Hand trimming, hand inspection and hand packaging are part of what lends to Sugarleaf’s aim at ‘Cannabis Perfected.’”