Ionic Vape Pens and Distillate Cartridges

The Perfect Thing For This Working Girl


  • Test Results: 83.54% THC | 2.57% CBD
  • Tested By: PREE Laboratories |
  • Facebook: @ionicsocial
  • Instagram: @ionicsocial
  • Twitter:@IonicSocial
  • Website:

Super Lemon Haze Cartridge by Ionic

Ionic promises small batch concentrates for the cannabis connoisseur — and definitely delivers. I experienced their single-use vaporizer pen and enjoyed the potent, smooth effects of their Super Lemon Haze distillate. The sativa provided an uplifting and focused high that made it way more tolerable to do work that I really didn’t want to do! Anyone familiar with post-hole digging? If not, and you would like to try your hand at it, contact me and I’ll introduce you to this hobby. The pen fit nicely into the front pocket of my Carhartt overalls — in fact, I highly recommend every tool belt be prepped with a vape pen for those times you need a little assistance finishing your project without losing your mind.

Super Lemon Haze Cartridge by Ionic Vape

Available At…

  1. Paradise Found: 10735 NE Halsey St #3962, Portland, OR 97220
  2. Oregon’s Green Rush: 2644 River Rd., Eugene, OR 97404
  3. Diem Cannabis: Marijuana Delivery – Portland |

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