Tech Thursday: Knock it Out with the Knockbox

Futurola, a lifestyle smoking company, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The family-run business got its start in an Amsterdam coffee shop back in 1996 and prides itself on developing high-quality products in-house with the latest in technology.

Two years ago, Futurola crossed the Atlantic and began their American adventure. They were on a roll: it only took a few short months for Futurola USA to find its products on the shelves of top stores in the western U.S. Now, Futurola is expanding once more as they introduce the latest in rolling system technology, the Knockbox. Aptly named, this device can knock out 100 pre-rolled cones in just two minutes.

The Knockbox comes in two separate wood carrying cases. One case houses the Knockbox unit, which looks fairly similar to a computer printer. The other wood case houses the attachments. The whole Knockbox unit is easy to assemble and even easier to use.

“In four to six hours of labor, only about 100 rolls can be produced by an individual,” said Toby Skard, one of two partners of Futurola USA. “The advantage of the Knockbox is that in the same amount of time, up to 10 thousand rolls can be produced: all perfect rolls that burn evenly. There are no weak spots with the Knockbox.”

Futurola’s newest technology is taking the cannabis industry by storm. “We started taking pre-orders three months ago, and we’ve already sold to some of the biggest names out there. I can’t keep them in stock. I got 10 in this morning, and they’re already gone.”

What makes the Knockbox so incredible, besides the amount of rolled cones it can produce in minutes? For one, it works well and it works consistently. Although there have been other mass-rollers out on the market, none really performed they way they were hoped to. They broke repeatedly, they jammed, and they did not produce a perfect roll every time.

“We knew that something sturdy and dependable was needed for the market. We also knew that the roller needed to produce a perfect cone every time, one with no weak spots. That’s important. The Knockbox is the result of years of developmental testing. Six years, actually.”

The Knockbox doesn’t use mechanical energy to create the vibration needed to pack perfect cones. It uses sound technology at an extremely low vibration. And, according to Skard, the Knockbox is already evolving so that different sized cones and filters can be used. Cone sizes range from slim, pre-rolled cones that are 98 mm in length, to the king size pre-rolled cones that are 109 mm in length. If a business wants to offer different sizes, there is no need to purchase another machine. They just swap out the Knockbox’s attachments.

“The Knockbox could be used with another brand of paper cone, but we highly recommend that only Futurola paper cones be used. We do make the best cones in the industry. Our papers are a unique product, and that’s important for the finished rolled cone to meet our guarantee.”

The cones Skard is referring to are made with Futurola’s signature paper. They are the thinnest 100% natural papers available on the market that are made with organic acacia gum.

Futurola’s signature papers, cones, and the Knockbox rolling system aren’t the company’s only innovative products. Six years ago, Futurola patented a personal hand roller with more than a million sold around the world. Last year, Futurola developed an exclusive Tommy Chong line as part of their U.S. expansion. The Chong collection includes cones and papers, pre-rolls, accessories, and gift boxes—all with Chong’s face stamped on the product.

Skard, whose background includes the music and fashion industries, said that Futurola doesn’t just make all their products in-house, but all their advertising too. With Skard’s connections, some very high-profile celebrities like Chong have worked with Futurola on different marketing campaigns.

Futurola’s advertising video promoting the Knockbox can be easily found and viewed on YouTube. For any questions concerning the Knockbox, email [email protected] Futurola provides live customer service Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific. Customer service can be reached at 1-800-651-9598. To place an order for a Knockbox or any of the other high-quality lifestyle products made by Futurola, browse their website at

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