Tetra II: Southeast Tetra, Gone Out East


  • Facebook: @tetrapdx
  • Instagram: @tetra.pdx
  • Twitter: @Tetrapdx
  • Website: tetrapdx.com
  • Address: 809 NE Harlow Rd., Troutdale, OR 97060
  • Store Hours: Sun | 10AM – 7PM Mon–Sat | 9AM – 9PM

Tetra – Troutdale, Oregon

Opening July 1, 2019, Tetra became the first and only dispensary on the outskirts of Troutdale, Oregon. Building their second store after the success of their first on SE 40th and Belmont, the Tetra team discovered this secluded industrial park off of I-84 mere steps away from 1000 Acres Dog park and the Sandy River. Easy on and off access to I-84 is a bonus, and the plentiful parking is dreamy. A glass garage door provides plenty of natural light for the 23-foot-tall ceilings of this modern and roomy location. An added bonus is Tetra’s next-door neighbor, Firebird, a bronze foundry that always has something beautifully inspired being worked on outside.

Tetra - Troutdale, OR

The Product

Carrying about 40 strains in-store at any one time, Tetra is sure to have the perfect flower on hand for every customer. Whether you’re a first-time smoker looking for a little relaxation in the evening after the kids are in bed or something a bit stronger as a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, Tetra has you covered. Try some of Laurie & MaryJane’s “Fudge Yourself” chocolates or Periodic Edibles cannabis caramels. Or if you’re looking for deep relaxation, try their popular Indica flower from High Noon Cult called Black Cherry Punch, it’s a 24.23 percent THC and 0.06 percent CBD strain sure to have you sighing with relief.

Tetra - Troutdale, OR

The People

There are no surprises when you walk into Tetra about who’s manning, or womanning, the shop. A readerboard clearly has the name of all the budtenders working that day, which I adore. Surprises are fun, but it’s also nice to know who’s going to be grinning at you from behind the counter. I love that the staff who work at the Belmont location cross over to the Troutdale location — it means you have people who know what’s going on and know exactly what’s in the store. The budtenders also get to show off other aspects of themselves at Tetra, as the cannabis shop has a selection of art on display and for sale, some of which is done by the budtenders themselves!

Tetra - Troutdale, OR

“We really wanted a location in Troutdale, to offer cannabis to the people out here who had no other options, as well as those on the road heading up to the Gorge.”


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