The Blue Onie

This Onie Goes Where Eagles Dare


  • Instagram: @birddoggart

Travel into the world of high-end functional glass art with this gorgeous airplane one-hitter made by glass artist Jay Harrower, who has been on the torch since 2000 and crafted this stunning onie in the fall of 2018. Harrower found inspiration after being asked if he had ever made an airplane onie. He hadn’t, so he decided to take on the challenge.

The piece was being made for somebody who is fanatical about blue hues, so Harrower employed a ton of blue twisty cane pieces, surface drawn stringers and dot stacks for maximum visual stimulation. It is the ideal sized onie at roughly four inches long sporting an equally wide wingspan.

This is number 38 in Harrower ’s series of glass airplanes. He plans to continue making pieces for this series in the years to come.

“The Blue Onie” is currently not for sale and resides in a private collection. Other pieces by Jay can be found by checking his Instagram. He can also be found in numerous shops and galleries, so it never hurts to ask for his work in your favorite shop.

The Blue Onie by Jay Harrower

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