The Golden Jay Awards: FLOURISH Honors Industry Professionals

The recruiting industry is constantly evolving, mainly because of technology and competition. When Justin Dada, the CEO of FLOURISH, decided to start a Global Cannabis Recruiting Consultancy in October of 2018, he knew that he was going to have to give the brand that special something.

FLOURISH™ focuses the vast majority of their business on full-time salaried positions in the Cannabis, Hemp and CBD space. The average recruiting agency in any industry charges a 20-25 percent contingency fee, usually with a 30-60 day replacement guarantee. Dada knew the costs for most companies were too high, which involved a lot of risk and very little security.

That’s when he decided to undercut the market with a 10 percent fee, a four-month replacement guarantee and no upfront cost.  However, he knew that wasn’t enough. Most of these agencies also want to be paid in a lump sum within 7-10 days of the candidate’s start date. So, in order to make the process even more affordable, he created an opportunity for his clients to break up their payment into installments.

 As FLOURISH’s first cannabis conference was soon approaching last November, at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, Dada was excited to share FLOURISH™ with potential clients looking to hire. He eagerly walked the convention floor for all three days of the event, passing out company swag and exchanged business cards. When the event was done, Dada had close to 100 business cards and had walked away with some great potential clients for FLOURISH™. Even after all of that, something was still missing.

Dada says, “I thought about all the hard-working people I had met, and realized that I was only focused on the client-side of the business”. He then asked himself, “What about the employees, and everyone else working tirelessly to build the cannabis industry”? That’s when it struck him: these people needed to be recognized and appreciated.

That’s when he began going through all of his business cards, trying to decide who to choose, but he wondered which criteria FLOURISH™ would follow. Dada thought about the booths at the event and the brands these employees represented. He also thought about how they delivered their value proposition, their industry knowledge and overall vibe. Once the qualifying indicators were identified, the award then needed to be created.

Dada says, “I wanted to create an award that would stand out on someone’s desk, and make them feel proud to work in cannabis”. It was then that he decided to use a mold of a larger-than-life cannabis jay, and have it leafed in 24k gold. So, the “Golden Jay Award” was born – now it was time to contact the companies and surprise the winners!

From there, the FLOURISH™ team began traveling throughout the United States, delivering the first round of three awards that reads, “This distinction is presented on behalf of our company for achieving the pinnacle of industry and company representation in the field of cannabis. Your character resonates with the virtue that will have a profound and long-lasting impact in this business for years to come.”

Dada says, “We’d like to attend at least four conferences this year, while finding at least three people from each event to be recognized. This will give us an even 12 and allow FLOURISH™ to recognize one person each month.”

The first winner to be recognized for the month of December 2018, is Karen Mayberry, the Marketing Manager for!

Mayberry is a California native, longtime cannabis advocate and champion of its profound positive effects. She is the Marketing Manager and Co-Founder of Trym, a software company serving commercial cannabis growers, and is literally “married” to the job. Her husband of ten years, Matt, is the CEO & co-founder of Trym.  The company itself was born and lives in their home in Novato, CA, just North of San Francisco.

Karen received her B.S. degree in Marketing from UGA. She has a passion for connecting with people, creating engaging content, reading and writing. In her year at Trym, she has spent the majority of her time establishing the brand’s voice, building a community on social media, attending trade shows and meeting with clients. This year she plans to launch the Trym blog, while exploring partnerships and other opportunities to work with companies in the industry.

Trym was founded in early 2018 by Matthew Mayberry, Benjamin Wong and Karen Mayberry. As the only farm management software specifically built to address the challenges facing cannabis cultivators today, Trym provides thorough analysis of operational data, so that growers can improve efficiency and their competitive edge. The Trym mobile app makes data collection and team management easy, even on a business scale.

Trym spent most of 2018 in a private beta with two farms before officially launching at MJBizCon in November of last year. This year they plan to bring more farms online, and execute strategic integrations with other hardware and software companies. Karen says, “Trym has many exciting ventures on the horizon, from planned product releases to integrations”.

 For the past year, Trym has focused on deploying their mobile app and collecting data.  In 2019, they plan to “go big” with data analytics. With a development team of six engineers and a new CTO, the team is more than enthusiastic about the future.

FLOURISH™ says, “Stay tuned for January’s winner coming from Seed Technology in San Clemente, CA”. For more information on FLOURISH’s recruiting services, you can visit them at or follow them on their Instagram @flourishthepeople to find out which conference they’ll be at next!  You can also meet Trym at the Indo Expo in Denver on January 26-27 (Booth 301). Be sure to stop by and introduce yourself to Karen!