The “Self-Love” Set: Everyone’s Taken a Selfie Like This At Least Once …


  • Instagram: @nathan.belmont

“Self Love” by Nathan Belmont

Inspired by the way we act because of social media, glass artist Nathan Belmont created this appropriately-titled set, “Self Love.” The rig itself stands approximately nine inches tall and has a 10mm joint. Though the set is a one of a kind, Belmont plans to do more humanoid pieces in the future. He’s particularly proud of the female figure sculpting; he mentioned this was his first time working with all hollow glass.

Belmont began blowing glass in 2005 while living in Hawaii, where he was lucky enough to receive an apprenticeship and stubborn enough to stick with it. It can be difficult to convey a message using functional glass, but Belmont did an amazing job of doing just that with this set, proving his 12 years’ experience in the process.

This piece is currently not for sale. Belmont’s current works are viewable on his Instagram.

"Self Love" by Nathan Belmont

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