The Splendor of 420

A Recap of a Magical Weekend

4/20 remains a highly-anticipated event in the cannabis realm. Its origin has been attributed to a litany of theories: Bob Dylan’s “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” (12 x 53 = 420), the birth or death of Bob Marley (nope…unless you’re a conspiracy theorist, in which case, Bob Marley, 2Pac, & Biggie are actually on an island somewhere, blazing it up), California’s 420 penal code, inter alia. Though we do not exactly know the reason for the season, we still use this day to connect with our fellow cannabis-appreciating brethren and show the world what the #cannabiscommunity can really be about.


Seattle, home of DOPE HQ, was popping off at every dispensary, warehouse, bar and park all day. The DOPE team headed out to the park for a rowdy, cutthroat game of kickball. One of DOPE’s own founders, Evan, was getting extremely feisty out there and sent the ball sailing over the fence a few times. When the clock struck 4:20, we all lit up and celebrated another year in the books for our Magazine. Afterwards, we got burritos, because why the hell not?

The weekend rounded out with a trip to Steven’s Pass Spring Fest—a party in the snow featuring live music, food, beer and 300 people attempting to ski across a 75-ft. long body of water in no shortage of crazy attire. I actually watched a man dressed as Jesus ski across the water perfectly.

One could say I witnessed a miracle, of sorts.



Of course, the next sentence about to be written here wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows of the enigma that is David Tran, but our founder, The Tranimal, spent his 4/20 smoking on a bus in Los Angeles with JuJu Marley. They attended the FireHaus cannabis event in West Hollywood, then moseyed on over to Green Street’s 4/20 party.


Las Vegas

Our boys Derek Gumin and Eddie King were in Las Vegas touring over 50 locations in a four-day period. They went on an underground tour of Acres Market, kicked it with our friends over at NuLeaf and NuWu (let it be known, DOPE loves that Nu Nu), then hung out in Fremont at a CannaBiz mixer for the books.



Colorado was shaking and baking in Colorado fashion, particularly with their infamous 420 on the Block party. This remarkable event featured three days of live music, art, food trucks, activism, and a Bazaar marketplace with carnival-based challenges offering up to $5,000 in prizes. One of our writers, Melissa Joy, went in on this event, reporting that seeing Matisyahu, Nattali Rize, RDGLDGRN, and Protoje was an extremely spiritual experience. One might say the block was rockin.

(Thankfully, nobody rocked the boat. You just don’t want to do that, baby. And don’t even THINK about tipping the boat over)



Gianna Spangler

Gianna Spangler is a cannabis activist, deadhead, and purveyor of good vibes. Her articles are focused upon permeating love, respect, and empathy with her fellow earthlings. She enthuses about every ounce of legalization effort - from India to New York - pushing content that echoes her rally cry of legalization. She would love to see cannabis de-scheduled in the United States within the next decade, and believes knowledge and research to be the key to achieving this victory. In addition to writing for DOPE Magazine, Gianna writes fiction and is currently working on a Novel that dives into the perspectives of five people who have all been touched by loss in unique ways. The purpose of the novel is to share a blueprint for dealing with disappointment, pain, regret, and death by utilizing gratitude for existence and for the people who remain in one’s life.

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