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TreeHawk Farms – Chimacum, WA

TreeHawk Farms is a small-batch, Tier III producer nestled in the foothills of the Olympic Peninsula in a rural farming town called Chimacum. In fact, owner Jason Olsen’s family has been tending to the 200-acre plot of land for generations. After converting a portion of the century-old dairy farm into a fully operational cannabis cultivation farm, Olsen and his crew have not stopped innovating in their space. With nearly 1,800 square feet of indoor canopy space that occupies three rooms — at a Tier I scale no less — and a recently completed 3,600 square foot Next G3n convertible greenhouse, TreeHawk Farms is capable of running a perpetual harvest that utilizes every single bit of the available light spectrum; artificial and natural.

The People

I have known the crew at TreeHawk for the better part of my career as a cannabis photographer and journalist. One of the things that first drew me to this farm was their consistent and authentic branding. It’s no secret I am somewhat averse to typical flashy and sexualized “stoner” branding that many companies tout, which is something you’d be hard-pressed to find coming out of TreeHawk. Olsen has managed to convey a wholesome and authentic look for his brand via Instagram, which is painfully accurate. You’ll see beautiful landscape shots of the farm peppered with posts of his adorable toddler daughters, flower shots and posts singing praise to his crew and his wife Sam, or “MamaHawk” as the team affectionately refers to her. Without her, Olsen says, “Nothin’ would function around here!”

The Product

With approximately 20 strains in their library, some of TreeHawk Farm’s cuts like Candyland Cookies and Magnum P.I. have gained cult-like followings. Grown in a coco-perlite mix, running smaller batches allows the growers at TreeHawk to try running new strains frequently. Most recently, TreeHawk has put out Cherry Mazar Sorbet, Purple Thai and Gutbuster – all sure to give you a kick! In keeping with the times, TreeHawk has also been working on their very own solventless hash oil line, TreeHawk Alchemy, which has slowly been hitting shelves. If you’re a hash-head, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on some. I’d recommend the Candyland Cookies and Cherry Mazar Sorbet, although you can’t go wrong with any of the options.

“Olsen has managed to convey a wholesome and authentic look for his brand via Instagram, which is painfully accurate.”


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