THC True Holistic Co. Cannabis Tea

Rise and Shine

THC True Holistic Co. Cannabis Tea

Test results: 375mg THC per 16oz |THC True Holistic Co. Cannabis Tea

When I read the label on the bottle, “Pot Liquor Moonshine THC True Holistic Cannabis Tea,” I felt like the world finally invented something worthwhile. The product fulfilled all expectations. This marijuana sipping tea in the flavor of Thai OG makes for the perfect afternoon delight and I am sure I made many more friends during my tea party. The THC-infused tea hit my lips with a pleasant sweetness and refreshment. It tasted delicious and gave my body and mind the boost I needed. Only a couple shots gave me a buzz and a lift. I sat in longtime satisfaction, not only from the drink, but knowing that the product was safe as I consumed more and more. Each batch is tested to assure delivery of perfect pleasure and it is also free of perservatives and gluten. True Holistic Co. reached that goal.


Formulated for optimal cannabinoid delivery.

Available in many flavors and in 10mg and 90mg servings.

Get out of the rocking chair. It’s gonna be an afternoon delight.

Expect a lift in mood and energy.

true holistic co
THC True Holistic Co. Cannabis Tea

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