tru|med: An Inside Look at AZ’s Tru Cultivation


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tru|med dispensary – Phoenix, AZ

Hidden in the warehouse district of Phoenix, sits the state’s leading boutique cultivation, a 20,000 square foot operation that has supplied tru|med dispensary with its award-winning flower and top-shelf concentrates since 2013. “Our facility has great energy,” says Co-founder and Cultivation Director Jon Pilkington. “We have a dedicated cultivation team that is knowledgeable and passionate about the plant, which really shows up in the quality of the medicine for our patients.” But in order to achieve a standard of the highest quality, this state-of-the-art, high-tech cultivation has spared no expense on creating a streamlined system that produces some unrivaled results.


The Facility

Inside, the space is immaculately clean and designed to be as efficient as possible with innovative elements at every turn. From their fabricated flower room freezer doors to their subterranean water system, to their HEPA/MERV air filtration, each aspect works in harmony to produce top-tier medication. The facility features 11 flower rooms, multiple dry rooms, two mother rooms, one large veg/workspace room and one clone room, as well as a 1,500 square foot extraction lab and state-licensed kitchen. Each room is flawlessly lit using 24-55 lights, both HPS and CMH, per room and are fully automated using Link 4-1800 systems acting as a ‘central nervous system’ of sorts, all of which are controlled by a mother computer, allowing the cultivation team to preprogram each component of the room’s environment for each week of the grow cycle.

Raised in rockwool cubes, the plants start as clones and are hand-watered for the first few weeks, before being connected to the automated drip system which feeds off several large batch tanks filled with a blend of nutrient-infused R/O water and maintained at 68°F which holds the most oxygen and prevents bacteria growth. Recently employed movable trays allow for easier access and more plants per room, complemented by a modified adjustable trellis system to support the massive plants’ various phases of growth. The garden boasts as many as 35 different strains at once, most of which are proprietary, and rotated from a genetic arsenal of more than 150 strains.


The Product

Tru|ly, the quality of the product speaks for itself.  From their bulky buds featuring exclusive genetics like Banana’s n’ Cream, Slurricane (true cut) and Gutbuster #1, to their exceptional extracts including delicate caviar, terpy distillate, creamy butter, potent diamonds and more, tru|med has their quality dialed in. So, what are you waiting for? Discover what ‘tru’ med(s) really have to offer.

“The main goal is to produce the best quality medicine we can, because we have a responsibility to our patients.”

– Co-founder/Cultivation Director Jon Pilkington

Following the pace of their recent successes, tru|med is showing no signs of slowing down and already has some big things in the works. This includes their cultivation expansion located in their newly acquired 15,000 square foot warehouse, which will focus on a ‘seed only’ growing method with worldwide genetics from top breeders, as well as nearly doubling their harvest capability. In addition, tru|med has also added a second location to their ranks located in East Phoenix which is slated to open at the beginning of 2020 as well as expanding to other opportunities around the world.



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