Tuesday & Cyrus Present Freak Show

The Story Behind the Oddest Vaudeville Show in Las Vegas


  • Instagram: @freakshowla
  • Website: Freakshowla.com | Tuesdaythomas.com | Eroticmuseumvegas.com
  • Showtimes: Thursdays and Fridays @ 10:00PM

Vegas-vacation-repeat-offenders and locals may need a little more surge to get them out and about. An affordable ticket price is also a plus. Those ready for some seriously strange and soulful seduction need to dip into the Erotic Heritage Museum on a Thursday or Friday night to join in the circus that is the Tuesday & Cyrus Present Freak Show. A vaudeville show on LSD where the audience is part of the intimate trip, it’s overflowing with comedy and just the right amount of disconcertion.

MC and co-producer Tuesday Thomas is the wild aunt you’ve always wanted. Known as the “Punk Rock Cher,” Tuesday is witty and quick on her feet so that the audience is never left bored, just anxious about what she might do or say next.

Tuesday & Cyrus Present Freak Show

Tuesday’s partner in comedy crime, Cyrus Naderpour, was guided by god to get into the comedy industry. Actually, it was an opioid and cannabis-induced delirium that inspired him to leave his successful career in business and join the ranks of underpaid stand-up comedians.

With a residency in Las Vegas making the Erotic Heritage Museum their home, Tuesday & Cyrus are a local institution now. Together, they have traveled our planet curating and collecting comedians and freaks like they’re a BDSM Barnum & Bailey Circus. Freak Show has a weekly rotation of up-and-coming comedians, musicians, magicians, Klowns and burlesque performers. If Kink.com had a hilarious comedy sketch series, Tuesday & Cyrus Present Freak Show would be it.

Tuesday & Cyrus Present Freak ShowDOPE Magazine: How did you begin working together?

Tuesday Thomas: I was at Eagle Rock Comedy Festival, and Cyrus was in it too.

Cyrus Naderpour: It was not a good festival.

Thomas: I remember him saying [about the set], ‘That was really cool.’ And we just got to talking.

Tuesday ran a show in San Francisco, and Cyrus knew people in the Bay so…

Thomas: I said, I got a spot next month on the show if you want [it].

Cyrus did the show in San Francisco, and he did great. A fantastic set which turned into a road trip back to LA with Thomas and the beginning of a friendship that birthed a series of comedy sketches (seen on YouTube) that grew into their current freak show.

Tuesday & Cyrus Present Freak Show

Obviously, your show is a psychedelic experience for the sober, and a great experience for the high, but I have to ask, are you cannabis patients?

Thomas: I’m a CBD person. But, when I was younger, I basically grew up living Wayne’s World – in a wood panel basement smoking weed. I smoked a fuckload…

Naderpour: That’s metric for a shit-ton.

Thomas: Exactly… But I also have PTSD and anxiety that’s naturally occurring, and I got to a point when I was around thirty that I would wake-n-bake and smoke all dayOne day, all hell broke loose, and every time after that I tried to smoke [cannabis], the same thing happened. I’ve tried edibles and different things but [what’s worked] a 3:1 or 4:1 CBD/THC ratio and that is what helps me now.

And it was all thanks to Cyrus who reintroduced a lower dosage tincture to Tuesday that eased her back into cannabis use, but this time as medication.

Naderpour: For a hot second, I sold…

Shwa Laytart

A California native, Joshua "Shwa" Laytart has been working in the Natural Products Industry for almost twenty years and a cannabis grower and indulger for almost thirty. He was the first employee at Guayaki tea company and then went on to work for 12 years at INDIGENOUS, an organic and fair trade fashion designer. Shwa has also worked as a landscaper, manicurist, masseur, candy maker, chef and ran with the circus. He is currently the Co-Founder and President of the cannabis company, Giggle Therapeutics, alongside his Co-Founder and CEO wife Sugar, who is a DOPE photographer, as well. His love for activism, art, altered states, comedy, cannabis and cuisine can be found threaded throughout his writings. He considers himself more of a storyteller, than a writer and can spin a tale for hours with the right combination of substances.

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