About This Show

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a cannabis farm, processing facility, launch party, DOPE event or what the cannabis community is like in other parts of the world?
DOPE Media’s very own David Tran, Founder and chronicler of all things DOPE is inviting you to join him on his pursuit for all things cannabis. This show has been long-anticipated and will take you on an adventure you simply can’t miss. With a nickname like The Tranimal, there is one thing for certain, this series will give you an up close, immersive and personal account of cannabis. It will bring you to the most unexpected of places and face-to-face with the most remarkable of people and cannabis products.
At DOPE Magazine we are a diverse bunch of cannabis enthusiasts on a mission to DEFEND our plant, our people, our patients and our planet!
So what do you say, will you join us on this spectacular journey?