WaxNax Packs the Max: Revolutionizing the Cannabis Concentrate Experience


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WaxNax Packs the Max: Revolutionizing the Cannabis Concentrate Experience

Ever wondered how many milligrams of concentrate you’re dabbing? Ever wonder how much is wasted on that wax paper or in that glass jar? Ever been frustrated having to clean up after a messy dab session? Us too! But now, there’s a solution, WaxNax.

The idea came to WaxNax founder and CEO, Lex Kaplan about two years ago. After a long day of soaking up the California sun and surf, Kaplan returned to his pad with a gram of shatter and proceeded to dose out his hits by rolling shatter-balls, saying to himself, “Why doesn’t someone dose out concentrates, so I know how much I’m getting every time?” A lightbulb went off in his head. With the idea in mind, Kaplan met with several business partners and began to build the WaxNax brand.

“We’re revolutionizing the concentrate experience by making it easier for consumers to take their dab and know their dose.” – Lex Kaplan, WaxNax CEO and Founder

Currently developing relationships with local concentrate kitchens, WaxNax plans to introduce medicated prefill packs of sativa, hybrid and indica strains, that will come in three different sizes, ranging from the 1/4g pack with seven inserts, to the 1/2g pack with 14 inserts, to the 1g pack with 20 inserts. Each insert will come pre-dosed with an accurately measured portion of concentrate, each with its own silicone cap to ensure terpene freshness. This is especially helpful for the concerned connoisseur who wants to know how much, and what strain, really works for their condition. “Our prefills will be hitting dispensary shelves this summer,” notes Kaplan.

Aside from the obvious benefits of convenience and accurate dosing, WaxNax ensures you aren’t wasting any product while consistently enjoying every terpene and flavonoid profile of your favorite concentrate, all while keeping your quartz nail clean and allowing the consumer to use multiple methods of consumption including the Puffco Peak, Huni Badger, Dip Device, Nectar Collector, or whatever suits your fancy. But that’s not all, you’re also helping the environment. “Our insert weigh ratio is roughly 10g of glass per 1g of concentrate, were as other jars can weigh up 30g,” says Kaplan. “We want to eliminate excess packaging by reducing our carbon footprint … all of our packaging can be reused, from our sustainable Crativ boxes, to our glass inserts which can be used three to five times.”

With so many advantages, WaxNax is a guaranteed drop in the proverbial bucket. But this is only the beginning. The team has a plethora of innovative concepts on the way, including new additions to the WaxNax line and the release of their CBD dabs.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but cold dabs are a thing. I know, right? Also known as a reverse dab, you start with a cold rig and then slowly bring it to temp, maximizing your terpene and flavonoid experience. WaxNax makes this a cinch.

Of course, you may be asking yourself, “Where can I find these?!” Good news, WaxNax has released their empty inserts on the market which are available for purchase throughout Denver, CO, as well as online. So, put WaxNax to the test and see if it doesn’t revolutionize your cannabis concentrate experience.