Weird Owl Premieres Wet Telepathy

Psych rockers explore consciousness in a bite-sized package.

The members of Brooklyn-based psych quartet Weird Owl make no bones about the inspirations behind their heavy psych-pop gems. Just a quick glance at their twitter feed reveals a fascination with conspiracy theories (the fun kind, not the toxic Alex Jones kind), occultism and, of course, mind-altering substances.

Singer and guitarist Trevor Tyrrell says “I think it is every person’s duty to explore his or her own consciousness with whatever tools are available. I don’t think it’s an accident that we are able to change our brain chemistry and then change the way we see the world.”

Their new album, “Wet Telepathy,” sees them venturing even further away from their jammier, Dead Meadow-influenced early work. Since 2017’s transcendental and twisted Bubblegum Brainwaves, they’ve been venturing into inner space instead of outer. “With our new record, we continued our exploration of creating hyper-condensed psych in small packages,” Tyrrell explains. “Normally everyone wants to drone on for 7 minutes, but we want to see how far out we can get in as little time as possible.”

Weird Owl Premieres Wet Telepathy

See how out-there they get in under 25 minutes by checking out the full album below, and order it via Little Cloud Records here.

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