White Cookies: Relaxing, Introspective High from Shadowbox Farms


  • Test Results: 75.1% THC | .18% CBD
  • Tested by: ChemHistory | chemhistory.com
  • Instagram: @shadowboxfarms | @ffepdx
  • Website: shadowboxfarms.com | ffepdx.com

White Cookies Vape Cartridge by Shadowbox Farms X Farmer’s Friend Extracts

Shadowbox Farms produces high-quality, sun-grown craft cannabis for their strain-specific, full-spectrum vape cartridges. Partnering with Farmer’s Friend Extracts, who utilize a unique CO2 extraction process, their goal is to preserve terpene profiles for a genuine farm-to-table cannabis experience in a convenient, portable vape pen.

One five-second draw of White Cookies brings on a long-lasting head high that’s perfect for relaxing but didn’t couch-lock me. The taste of warm, sugar-sprinkled butter cookies were tantalizing my senses as I took another drag. The overall effect is calming, introspective and chill. Mellow out and kick back by yourself, or with others, at home or anywhere, really — after all, that’s the point of this fabulous device!

White Cookies Vape Cartridge by Shadowbox Farms X Farmer's Friend Extracts

Available At…

  1. Wicked Flower Shoppe: 600 E Jackson St., Medford, OR 97504
  2. The Herb Center: 2205 NE Division St., Bend, OR 97701
  3. Kaleafa Cannabis Company: 5232 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR 97206

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